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Manage your team work in any point of the Globe in LeaderTask even without Internet!
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All features needed for
team work
  • Assignment control
    All assignments in one place. Put down strictly & exactly. Everyone knows what and when to do. Monitor task performance in real time!
  • Joint projects
    Share access to a project to any employee. Your team gets tasks, notes and files of the project for team work.
  • Joint discussions
    Comment and discuss tasks with your team in a built-in task chat.
Simple management system
  • Quick implementation
    LeaderTask is easy to implement in the company business processes. You don't need any special knowledge, servers or expensive specialists.
  • Easy to connect new co-workers
    You send invitation to the employee at work email address in you personal account. The employee accepts the invitation and joins to work.
  • Convenient to work with free-lancers
    Free-lancers are easy to invite in team without a tight involing into the company business processes. The free-lancer gets only the access to the tasks he 's been assigned.
Cloud synchronization
  • Remote management
    Manage your team work in any point of the Globe using Internet. Your staff can be also anywhere and tanks to the synchronization service they alwats receive your assignments.
  • Project synchronization
    Synchronization service keeps a task list of a joint project up to date for all team members at all of their devices: Android smart-phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and PC.
  • Discussions in chat
    Team discusses the actions in the built-in chat of every task. Through the chat one can send comments, additionalities, links and inform regarding the appearing difficulties.
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is stand-alone and mobile
  • Working capacity without Internet
    LeaderTask - is a full-value application, what is why you don't need an Internet connection for a stand-alone work. All assignements will be send when the connection appears.
  • E-mail gateway
    Create tasks sending mails from your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . The task will appear in LeaderTask in the "In" box.
  • Files
    Attach files to tasks and notes: tables, documents, images and any other file types.
  • Ultimate security
    All data is carefully secured at the most powerfull worl cloud of Microsoft Azure.
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