Manage the work of your team from any part of the world with the help of LeaderTask
even WITHOUT Internet connection!

All features necessary for joint work
and for effective task management

Plan tasks

Keep tasks, projects, contacts always at hand. Look over your task lists. Be reminded in time.

Synchronize tasks

At all of your mobile devices - Android, iPhone, iPad.

Work together

Assign tasks to your team, work in joint projects!

Assignment control

All assignments in one place. Clearly and exactly written. Everybody knows what to do. Follow the performance of tasks in real time!

Common projects

Give access to a project to any employee. Tasks, note and files of the project will be available to the staff for joint work.

Joint discussion

Comment and discuss tasks with your team with the help of a chat built in to the tasks.

Simple system of management

Quick introduction in work process

LeaderTask is easy to introduce in business processes of a company. You don’t need any special knowledge, dedicated servers or expensive specialists.

Simple connection of new employees

You send an invitation to an employee at work e-mail address in your Private office. The employee receives the invitation, installs LeaderTask - and gets into gear.

Convenient to work with free-lancers

Free-lancers are as well easy to invite in team without a close involving into the rest of business processes of the company. A free-lancer will have an access only to tasks assigned to this free-lancer.


View the task that you assigned and that you are assigned.


Work together in joint projects!

Task list

View your task lists, divide them into sub-tasks, assign them to the employees!


Plan meetings, set a strict time for the conferences!

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Cloud synchronization

Remote management

Manage your team from any part of the world via Internet! Your employees and performers can also be in any place, thank to the synchronization service, they will always receive your assignments.

Synchronization of projects

Synchronization service keeps task list of a common project always up to date for all team members on all devices: android smart-phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad and PC.

Discussions in chat

Team discusses the actions in internal chat, every task has its’ own one. In the chat you can leave comments, links, promptly inform about difficulties that appear.

LeaderTask is autonomous and mobile

Works even without Internet

LeaderTask - is a full-featured application, that is why you don't need Internet for an autonomous work. All assignments will be sent as soon as the Internet connection appears.

Works from a flash-drive

LeaderTask organizer is not bound to Windows. Copy the entire folder with the organizer on a flash-drive and carry about!

Works from DropBox

Install or copy LeaderTask in a DropBox folder, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk - and you'll have the access to the organizer wherever Internet is.

E-mail gateway

Create tasks, sending a mail from your e-mail box at The task will appear in your LeaderTask in the “In” section

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Add files to tasks and notes: tables, documents, images, any types of files.

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Ultimate security

All data safely protected in the most powerful world cloud Microsoft Azure

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50 000+ people and 1 500+ companies already manage their to do lists and business with the help of LeaderTask

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In LeaderTask you can bring to life any methodology of task management

Getting Things Done (GTD)

LeaderTask ideally fits for realization of the most popular methodology - David Allen's Getting Thing Done

Autofocus system

Use LeaderTask for applying to praxis Marc Forster's Autofocus system!

Stephen Covey's Methodology

Build into your Time Management system the Stephen Covey's methodology, the one of the world recognized Guru of self-organization!

Creative approach

Yana Frank, a painter, created a super methodology for creative persons, apply it in LeaderTask and achieve the highest tops!

Specialized professional systems

LeaderTask helps to manage work in different spheres of activity.

Your own time management system

Create your own system of tasks management! LeaderTask is a flexible tool - work the way you feel convenient!